Four Things you Must Know Before Using School Bus Routing Software

Four Things you Must Know Before Using School Bus Routing Software

Route planning is like other normal tasks for the transportation businesses. They utilize the same route for the whole year; there are hardly any changes in the fixed route. But Route planning plays an important role in the school bus transportation. Optimizing school bus routes is essential as the number of students is growing year by year. To make school bus transportation available to all, it becomes essential to add new routes & stoppages and explore better routes. The school transport management system also needs to help in planning the most optimized route as per traffic conditions at any given time, thereby avoiding delays and saving on fuel costs.

Manual school bus routing -

While planning school bus routes, school transport management system refers to maps, students’ addresses, available bus stops etc. so that they can plan the most optimized school bus route. No doubt manual route planning looks easy but the results are uncertain, ambiguous, un-optimized, time taking and redundant. The data needed for route planning is huge and its thorough assessment every time can be a cumbersome task.

Things which are considered while doing manual school bus route planning are -

  • Safe route with minimum traffic
  • Easy walking distance from bus stop to child’s home
  • Ride time
  • Approximate fuel consumption and maintenance cost
  • Road condition
  • Government transportation guidelines
  • Availability of pick-up points

Automated School Bus Routing: Four truths that you must know -

  • Automating the school bus route planning may sound like an intimidating, complex task. However, school bus routing software allows the school bus transport management system to do route planning in a completely efficient way, which was never imagined while using manual school bus route planning procedures.
  • By automating the route planning task the first advantage you can get is that it lessens the time used in deciding the routes. The routing software thoroughly analyzes the traffic patterns, effective routes, and the number of students from areas close to each other. The software plans route which is optimized, safe and lessens the driving hassles.
  • School bus routing software supports multi-user feature and can be operated through mobile, laptop, tablet and PC. It allows the school admin to do real-time monitoring of the school buses.
  • In circumstances when quick changes in school bus routes become a necessity, advanced route planning does not help. On the other hand, automated route planning provides you instant access to unlimited speculative maps, which saves your time along with the effort. It comes in very handy for the drivers in cases of road-blocks and traffic diversions.

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