GPS and RFID-enabled school transport

How Can GPS Tracking System Transmute Fleet Management System?

Posted on June 21 2018.

A good fleet management system should be capable of managing multiple platforms from taxis to buses through a single dashboard. With a large number of corporates, schools and other educational systems now preferring their own vehicles to pick and drop the professionals and students, the need of a good fleet management system in place is the need of the hour.

GPS and RFID-enabled school transport

How RFID Scanners Ensure Your Child’s Safety in School Premises

Posted on September 15 2017.

The recent unfortunate and brutal incident at Ryan School Guragon has not only shaken up the nation, but also brought everybody’s attention to the lax state of student safety even in the best of schools. It has made both parents and school authorities take notice and think about better safety measures to make sure such incidents are averted in the future.

school bus tracking software

School Bus Transportation has Revolutionized Safety Measures

Posted on March 06 2017.

School bus transportation has experienced many major advancements in the past few years. The advanced GPS school bus tracking technology has made school transportation the safest commutation medium for school students. The School transportation management system has automated the whole school bus transportation system.

RFID tracking system

Uses of RFID system in school premises

Posted on February 23 2017.

To ensure child safety in India, most of the schools today are using RFID technology. The reason behind growing demand of RFID in school industry is its affordable cost and efficiency. Schools are using RFID in their libraries, entry gates and school buses so that it is easier to track the students inside the school premises. The use of RFID system in school premises not only improves student security, but also helps in better management of the school.

GPS school bus tracking system

Technological Advancements on School Bus Transportation

Posted on February 21 2017.

For the past few years, technology advancements have constantly influenced School transportation system. IT companies are considering it as a golden opportunity to prove the capability of modern technology in solving security issues of the school bus transportation system. Indeed, their effort is reflected in the modern school bus transportation, which combines global positioning system and radio frequency identification.

Real-time school bus GPS tracking

Explore the Effectiveness of Real-Time Tracking with a GPS School Bus Tracker

Posted on January 23 2017.

Have you ever thought that a GPS tracker can be used in real-time school bus tracking? Yes, technological advancement has made it possible! In fact, it is one of the few technologies implemented in tracking systems, that provides tracking results with high accuracy. The GPS trackers installed in school buses enable accurate tracking of of the buses.

School attendance management

How Education Industry has been Benefited by RFID Tracking Technology

Posted on December 21 2016.

RFID or Radio frequency identification is a wireless system which is based on radio signals that transfer information from a tag which can be attached to objects like ID cards, books, goods, etc. The tags attached to the objects send radio frequency signals to RFID readers/scanners for the purpose of identification and tracking.

GPS vehicle tracking software

School Management System: Simplifies Student Tracking And School Bus Routing

Posted on December 29 2016.

Manually managing the daily attendance & records of students, teaching and non-teaching staff is a cumbersome job for the school administration. Continuing with the same traditional, old fashioned school management techniques will not be relevant in the coming years as now a cost-friendly, effective and simple to use solution is available for all, which not only simplifies student tracking but also improves school bus safety. The use of the advanced school management system eliminates the paperwork included and reduces the manpower requirement, hence helping in efficient school management in a cost effective way.

GPS vehicle tracking software

5 incredibly useful features supported by GPS vehicle tracking software

Posted on November 29 2016.

GPS enabled school buses are installed with GPS vehicle tracking software, which makes them one of the safest & most convenient modes for student commute in today’s times. It's a one-time investment for the schools which ensures them 24*7 tracking of school buses. This multi-user GPS school bus tracking software can be operated by school admin, parents and as well as the school bus driver.

School Bus Safety

4 Major Safety Drawbacks of School Bus Transportation

Posted on November 29 2016.

Most parents find school buses as a convenient and reliable way of children’s school transport. It is true that school buses are easily available, accessible and comfortable to commute in. However, they also have some basic safety drawbacks which can’t be overlooked, but can be easily solved with a little effort.

RFID attendance management system

How Can RFID tracking systems revolutionize attendance management in schools?

Posted on November 29 2016.

RFID attendance management system has been effectively used in IT and Transportation industries since last few years. The RFID tracking system is based on tracking of radio waves which are generated from the RFID chips/tags installed in products, vehicles or ID cards. The RFID tracker can easily track the radio frequency and estimate the exact location.

school bus routing software

Four Things you Must Know Before Using School Bus Routing Software

Posted on November 29 2016.

Route planning is like other normal tasks for the transportation businesses. They utilize the same route for the whole year; there are hardly any changes in the fixed route. But Route planning plays an important role in the school bus transportation.

Six Genuine Reasons to Rely on School Bus GPS Tracking

Six Genuine Reasons to Rely on School Bus GPS Tracking

Posted on November 22 2016.

No doubt school buses are considered as the most reliable transportation medium for students in a highly populated country like India, but the safety measures supported by school buses are quite negligible as compared to other personal modes of transportation.

How to Improve Reliability of School Bus Transportation System?

How to Improve Reliability of School Bus Transportation System?

Posted on November 08 2016.

Most parents, who do not have the time to drop and pick their kids to-and-from school, prefer school bus transportation to ensure a safe commute for their children.

Why is employee safety a prime concern in an industry that works 24x7?

Why is employee safety a prime concern in an industry that works 24x7?

Posted on November 08 2016.

Most IT companies & all BPO/ITES companies, that work round-the-clock as per the schedules of their global clients, are always concerned about ensuring a safe commute for their employees.

5 Secret Business Benefits that Real-time Salesforce Tracking can Offer

5 Secret Business Benefits that Real-time Salesforce Tracking can Offer

Posted on November 04 2016.

Most IT companies and business houses have their own sales team, who are involved in outdoor sales activities for promoting their products. The sales revenue completely depends on their productivity. In such a scenario, keeping a track of the team becomes completely essential if we want to get 100% output from them.

Worried for the safety of your children in school buses?

Worried for the safety of your children in school buses?

Posted on October 31 2016.

As parents we try to ensure that our kids are safe and comfortable in every situation and at all times. Most of us residing in metros and big cities rely on school buses for the safe commute of our children to-and-from their schools every day. But does that truly assure us peace of mind and complete safety of our kids? Or are we still worried if our child is delayed even by a few minutes in reaching home? Especially in these times when we hear of so many mishaps, accidents and worrying news related to school-going children.