Smart Communication – Solution Overview

Communication plays a vital role for building a better understanding between the school administration and parents. Regular exchange of messages and information ensures timely updates and faster knowledge sharing. The mentors can conveniently communicate with individual parents or a group of students for sharing updates and resolving problems.

  1. Notice board: Students and parents can stay updated about the upcoming events through timely notifications
  2. Bidirectional messaging: Enables the mentors/teachers to communicate with parents, and also allows parents to directly communicate with the mentors
  3. Group messaging: This feature allows the school management system/mentors/admin to share important information, documents, and study material with a group or section of students

Smart communication between parents and teachers

Web App

  • Admin have the authority to broadcast notifications for upcoming events on the notice board
  • Admin can create default groups of students, also can add mentors to different groups

Mobile App

  • Parents and mentors can use Mobile app with different credentials
  • The mentor app allows them to share homework, images and documents with students through group messaging. Mentors can easily communicate with parents using this app
  • The parent app enables both bidirectional and individual messages. Additionally, they can view notice board for details of upcoming events
  • Both mentors and parents are better informed and organized, which is good for the students
  • Sharing study material and other subject related documents becomes very convenient
  • Effective brand building can be done with minimum expenditure