School ERP Solution

Most modern schools and educational institutions focus on offering the best infrastructure and advanced teaching methodologies to ensure all-round development of students. However many of these schools still rely on manual and outdated methods for managing attendance, exams, fees and other such essential day-to-day administrative activities.

To add value to the overall management and smooth functioning of school activities, Asti Infotech has developed a comprehensive School ERP Solution. This simple yet powerful tool connects various departments within the school like office, finance, etc. The solution aims to simplify and manage the following important tasks:

Admission Management
This eases out the registration process for new admissions and helps the administration keep a track of all the details . It also ensures that old and new student registrations are handled separately. Minimizes the chances of error and duplication of effort, thereby reducing the burden on teachers and administrative staff.

Student Information System
This module helps to keep a comprehensive record of each and every student including their photographs, documents, background and other personal details. It also keeps a track of each student’s class, section, special needs, etc.

Course Management
This is realy helpful for teachers as it helps them plan the course structure for the entire year. Instead of managing and planning the curriculum of so many subjects manually, they can use the ERP for chalking out the no of classes required as well as distribution of chapters. It even helps in planning for the class tests and examinations beforehand.

Fee Management
Managing the fee schedule for a large number of students can be a herculean task for the administrative staff. The School ERP solution makes it completely error-free and easy to manage. It helps in generation of timely reminders, keeps track of pending fees or advance payments. In certain cases if concessions and scholarship etc are applicable then the module also ensures they are duly applied for those students. User defined fee structures can also be maintained. Automated bill and receipt generation further enhance its utility. It also includes transport and other fee management as well as due fee & fine calculation. The complete fee report and reminder report can also be generated.

Exam/Result Management
The module helps in managing group wise and term wise examinations along with preparation and e-mailing marksheets. Once the grading structure has been defined by the user, the examination module allows for automatic grading of students based on the marks. Based on that the performance of each student can be analysed, and their progress over the entire session can be examined. It also helps in preparing and printing the report cards for each student.

Attendance Management
Helps in date and month wise attendance management, keeping track of each student.

GPS Tracking
Admin and transport manager can track the position of school buses during their commute to-and-from school. Parents are also sent timely updates about their wards regarding their boarding/de-boarding from the school bus as well as information about the children safely reaching school.

RFID Tracking
RFID trackers and tags help in keeping a track on all activities of students within the school premises. It helps in avoiding chances of any mishap and also keep parents udated about their children at all times.

Notice Board
A smart communication App for parents, teachers and students ensures smooth communication and exchange of information between all parties. Teachers can send messages on the notice board of the app to share updates on homework, tests and other inmportant activities.

This shows all the modules of ERP Solution on a single screen and helps in better management and control.


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